About Elodie Publications

The Adventures of Elodie bilingual children’s books, in English and French, are the brainchild of Sophie Le Brozec.

Sophie Le Brozec

Sophie at Elodie PublicationsSophie is a Brit who fell in love with France on a family holiday to Fréjus age 8; she subsequently went on to get a degree in French and Spanish before moving to the French Riviera for 12 years. In France she met and married her French husband, with whom she has 2 French/English daughters. Sophie, her husband and their two daughters currently live bilingually and biculturally in London.

Sophie has always been passionate about learning and teaching languages. She has taught English and French, both as foreign languages,  to all ages, from babies as young as 3 months old to 70 year olds. Sophie strongly believes that learning languages from a young age is a very important skill that we should all be offering our children.

Sophie also blogs about French and English parenting and other general lifestyle ramblings at Franglaise Mummy.

You can chat to Sophie about The Adventures of Elodie on Facebook and Twitter.

Do pop by and say hi or to let her know if you’ve enjoyed your adventure with Elodie.

James Cavendish

James Cavendish is the pen-name of The Adventures of Elodie illustrator. James has lived in London since 2005 and has been sketching and drawing since he was a child. This is his first commercial work.

Bilingual children’s books in English & French