Are The adventures of Elodie books suitable for my 11 year old?

The books can be enjoyed by children of all ages (and even adults). Children under 6 years old may find them a bit hard to follow whilst older children may not be interested in the childish subject matter. If your child would be interested in reading a story about pirates or dinosaurs then he/she is not too old.

I don’t speak French at all, can I help my child with them?

You can read the English side of the story to your child and then listen to the French audio version so there is no need for you to speak or understand French.

My child is bilingual, will the stories be too easy or boring for them?

The Adventures of Elodie were originally written with Sophie’s (then) 7 year old bilingual daughter in mind; your child can enjoy reading a story in their two languages and can use the books to improve their reading/writing in their second language.

Is my 5 year old too young to enjoy The adventures of Elodie books?

The language may be slightly too difficult for a 5 year old and their attention span may not stretch to the two languages, but there is no reason not to try them out with the Elodie books.

My child doesn’t speak or understand French, is it a waste of time getting these books?

The adventures of Elodie stories are written in a way that they can be enjoyed in one or two languages, so there is no need to speak or understand French to appreciate them. However the medium of story-telling is a great way to get children interested in a foreign language; you have a parent & teacher guide at the end of the book to help you enable your child to get the most out of the story.

I don’t have an e-reader, how can I read The adventures of Elodie?

You can buy the PDF version which can be read on any computer, tablet or smart phone as well as on e-readers. Alternatively there is a traditional paper version.

Where can I find the audio download?

On page 3 of your book is a link to a webpage where you can download an MP3 file to listen to the audio book.

What’s the difference between the PDF and the Kindle version?

The PDF can be read on any computer, tablet, smart phone or e-reader. The Kindle version can be read on any Kindle, but to read it on other electronic devices you will need to have the Kindle app installed.

Why is there such a big difference in price between the different versions?

This difference in price reflects the amount of money we have to pay to Amazon for their publishing facilities.

Can I link through to the audio version from the e-book?

This is currently not possible but it is something we are working on…..watch this space!

Are you planning to translate this into any other languages?

At the moment The adventures of Elodie are only in English and French but we are likely to translate them into other languages moving forwards, if you have any language requests please drop us a line via our Contact Form.

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